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todd swiss

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some not so original thoughts about those mellencamp chevy commercials [Dec. 7th, 2006|12:22 am]
todd swiss
yeah, yeah. i know. the commercials obviously very white... or at least the latest ones have been. the original featured Rosa Parks and MLK Jr. and some other famous black people. The one that they always show before sunday night football on nbc focuses on football highlights and therefore has its share of famous black players.

however, the last two "new" ones i have seen are particularly interesting and add to some preconceptions i had since i first saw the first in the series of Mellencamp/Chevy commercials. These two i am referring to are: #1 with "this is our philosophy" with the picture of the boy scout and "this is our lunch break" with the image of a bunch of rugged white lumberjacks eating lunch and #2 with the cattle ranchers and barbed wire fences. (i looked for these on youtube but couldnt find them.)

with regards to commercial #1, i feel that the commercial is obviously free of just about 95 percent of who actually lives here. no women, no minorities, no city folk. yeah, i realise that white dudes are the ones going to buy chevy trucks, but the commercials are for chevy in general, not just their trucks. i also realise that chevy probably didnt want to offend anyone with their advertisements, but they didnt really think it through. boy scouts of america is absolutely a homophobic institution with a christian base. can i take from this that conservatives own this country? it might be a stretch, but i am sure that the good ol' boys buying chevy trucks agree with this sentiment.

in regards to #2, it is the most ridiculous and pompously patriotic/anti-immigrant thing i have ever seen. basically, its a shot of cowboys and the such in texas/new mexico/arizona-type landscapes hanging around barbed wire fences as a camera dollies from left to right. with the current climate of rampant anti-immigration legislation and those in opposition to such legislation, i cant see this commercial as anything but an anti-immigration battle cry. its an unironic "this land is my land" diatribe disguised as a pro-american automobiles and ideals commercial.

also, i dont think that i have seen a non-white male in any of these commercials that isnt famously known. think about it.

anyway, i just find these commercials to be not only annoying, but especially offensive.