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anti anti fun


todd swiss
1 November
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13th floor elevators, 1984, ada, alain resnais, alfred hitchcock, all the real girls, alphaville, angel pavement, autechre, band of outsiders, basement jaxx, battle of algiers, battleship potemkin, beach boys, beat happening, big lebowski, billy bragg, blue velvet, boards of canada, bonnie prince billy, boredoms, brave new world, bresson, california split, cannibal ox, casablanca, cat power, cat’s cradle, chaplin, charalambides, chinatown, chris clark, coil, communism, contempt, crimson gold, criterion collection, crying, current 93, daft punk, danielson famile, david gordon green, day of wrath, death, decalogue, demian, dr. strangelove, dreyer, earth, eisenstein, english muffins, fahrenheit 451, fashion, film noir, flaming lips, french new wave, gang of four, george washington, ghost, golden dawn, hate, hiroshima mon amour, ikiru, jcrew, jean-luc godard, keaton, kiarostami, lcd soundsystem, les diaboliques, life, love, low, luis bunuel, m hulots holiday, magnetic fields, meic stevens, millennium, mittens, mon oncle, movies, murnau, music, nashville, night and fog, nurse with wound, ordet, ozu, palace, phil spector, pi, playtime, psycho, pulp, reality, rear window, records, rolling stones, roxy music, rushmore, russian silent film, sandlot, sarcasm, signer, spirit of the beehive, sunset blvd, swamp dogg, tao te ching, taoism, taste of cherry, tati, television, ten (iranian), the clash, the golden age, the insider, the master and margarita, the milky way, the third man, the walkmen, the zombies, through a glass darkly, tokyo story, un chien andalou, uncle tupelo, undertow, underworld, usual suspects, v/vm, vegetarianism, vertigo, vivre sa vie, waffles, will oldham, yeah yeah yeahs, yogurt